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Process management

Features & Capabilities Process management Stock management Improved efficiency Order origination Supplier management Compliance 

  • End to end process management and control from customer contact and origination, through inventory management and process control to dispatch and invoicing
  • Full traceability and product genealogy from raw material and production phases to the customer
  • Full traceability of each production order
  • Full quality control checks, testing and approvals at each phase of production
  • Fully configurable bill of materials/schedules (BOM/S) for each order
  • Production priority based on customer/order type/profitability etc
  • Control of product movements: raw materials, quarantine, cleared for production, auto-ordering
  • Alerts set for each element of production
  • Latest production start date based on required date and BOM/S
  • Order suspend and re-activation
  • Management of returns and recalls
  • Full reporting, including segregation and line clearances
  • Warnings based on order acceptance against available stock
  • Full third party production management and monitoring
  • Full control and tracing for printing media (drums and plates etc.)
  • Technician qualification and shift management